Choose Life (Again)

Today the wind is howling. It swirls loudly around our house, even entering into our bedroom window and then out through another. My bed is warm and my head tells me that being Sunday is enough of a reason for me to sleep a little longer. But sleepily I choose to rise.

Joshua 24 vs 15

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.”

Our perspective is so limited. So earthly. So small. I think of the choice that my daughter has in riding bicycles. She can choose her little pink motorbike that she has to push with her legs. She is limited by our small patch of paving. Or she can choose her tricycle. Here she is limited by her own abilities, lacking the strength to ride for long periods of time.

But then there are the days she chooses to ride on her dad’s bike. How lovingly he straps her securely in her seat. How safely she is tucked up behind him, sheltered from the wind. Her little pink helmet tied securely to her chin, she has to do no work of her own as they race through the suburbs and he takes her to places she could never reach on her own.

My prayer for today is just that I will choose to ride with my Father and not live in my own strength.  That He will take me to places I could never reach on my own.




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