Be Still and Know

The first descriptive word that comes to mind when I think of my two year old, is strong. From the time she was born she has had a very loving, very assertive little personality and everyone around her knows her desires as she loudly and frequently makes them known.

Last year, I was visiting a friend and we were listing all the things that parenthood was busy teaching us, when she spoke a few words that brought so much encouragement to my heart.

She said how when her own children were making their desires known in a manner that demanded immediate attention, she found herself responding, “Just be still,  have I ever not provided for your every need. Mom has got this.” And heart was encouraged as she remembered the scripture in Psalm 46 vs 10

“Be still and Know that I am God.”

As she spoke those words to me, I realized again the truth that God reveals to us in the every day moments of life. It is so true. He has got this. I can throw a tantrum and He has still got this. I can grow angry. And yet He has still got this. In fact, there is no emotion or response that I can give that will ever change who He is.

And He is the God who has got this.

I just need to remember to be still and Know.

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