A Gentle Reminder

Day seven of waking up early. How many to make this a habit?  Today was very difficult to get up. Again the cool wind through our open bedroom windows gave the illusion that the bed was a great deal warmer than little laundry room waiting for me outside. I was also sick during the night, either from sunstroke or too rich a dinner. So the sleep I had seemed shorter than normal, and interrupted.

I have to be honest that as I sat down here this morning, I was listing all the pros and cons in my head of my choices. There seemed to be many pros in returning to bed. But as I flicked through the posts of the past week I was reminded of the words I had written on day one:

“Psalm 16 vs 11 offers a good explanation of the reason for my need for time with the Lord:
“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.”
I will rise early intentionally each day in order that I will know the Purpose that He has for me for today, and so that I will be filled with that indescribable JOY that only comes from being in His Presence.”

The past week has been filled with so much joy and so much purpose. I am so thankful for this special time I have available to me in the morning. Even if it is not easy.

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