Open My Eyes

Psalm 119 vs 18

“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”

As I walked sleepily into my little laundry room this morning, I saw my daughter’s spare mattress that I have set up on the floor. I have been using it to sit on when I read my Bible, as I find my sleepy  body seems to stay more awake and focused when I am sitting on the floor.

It occurred to me that anyone else walking into the room could assume that my daughter was being forced to sleep outside. I make use of her mattress and her blanket. This would border on child cruelty, relegating her outside to this little, cold room surrounded by cleaning products and tools.

But to me, this room is a beautiful, sacred garden. A place of my own where I can study the Word and pray uninterrupted as I listen to the morning silence.

It is all about perspective. I often wonder as I go about my day viewing things in my own eyes, just how differently God sees things. His perspective includes the bigger picture and He knows every detail behind every situation.

The story about the footprints on the beach is such a good example of this. A man viewing how he walked through life noticed that when times were extremely difficult there were no longer two sets of footprints on the path he had traveled. Disheartened he asked God why He had abandoned him during those times, only to have God answer that it was during those times that He had carried him…

So that is my prayer for today, that God will open my eyes. That He will open my eyes as I read His Word and show me the truth that He wants me to learn. That He will open my eyes when I spend time with different people, so that I will know what to say and how to bring godly encouragement and be a blessing. That He will open my eyes and show me where it is not about me, and how He can work through me to bring about His purpose here on earth.

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