Grumble or Pray

Paul writes three little words commanding us not to grumble and then backs it up with a good reason why not to.

1 Corinthians 10 vs 10

“And do not grumble, as some of them did – and were killed by the destroying angel.”

I always used to view grumbling as a lesser sin. One that did not make it to the ten commandments and so it somehow held less weight in my eyes and was lower down on the ranks of severity. I guess had I been the one commanding a lack of grumbling, I would have concluded the sentence by saying: “And they were wrapped firmly over their knuckles as a reminder of their disobedience.”

But when the Israelites grumbled, there was no mild punishment, there was was the punishment of death. Because God knows that grumbling is no small sin. It is a huge attitude problem where we fail to trust God and be thankful. We fail to acknowledge what He has provided, we fail to remember what He has done and we choose to see our situation in a way where we want our desires to become the plan of God instead of wanting the plan of God to be our desire.

When we grumble we are no longer shining His Light, we are no longer finding contentment in His presence, we are no longer crying out to Him. For grumbling is not praying. It is complaining.

So even when I am tired today, even when things are not going my way, even when I am struggling through different situation, my heart needs to remain in an attitude of trust and prayer instead of slipping easily into grumbling mode.

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