Remembering what He has Done

As my husband and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary last night, we struggled to remember when certain events occurred and so we decided to look at one of our photo albums to try and put things in perspective. We were then able to remember what happened and when, but only those events that had been important enough for us to record.

As I fell asleep last night, it was with such a thankful heart as I thought about all the Lord has blessed us with in our time of marriage. Mostly I was so thankful for how our love and friendship had grown and how that person smiling up at me in our wedding photos, is still my best friend and confidant.

I then began to reflect back on my walk with the Lord and the different areas of growth over the past five years and the different verses that have meant so much to me. I realized that the same was true in terms of my trying to remember certain themes and answered prayers. I could only remember a handful of them, and yet I know how faithful the Lord has been in leading and guiding me. In fact as I lay there I could barely even remember any of the sermons I had heard, and started to feel quite convicted to write down the verses and promises as they occur in my walk with the Lord.

Isaiah 46 vs 9

“Remember the former things, those of long ago, I am God and there is no other, I am God and there is none like me.”

I’m always temped to judge the Israelites for the way in which they so easily forget the miracles God performed in getting them out of Egypt. They start grumbling in the desert and so God provides for them daily manna and quail. Shortly after this they begin to grumble again.

I always tell myself that if I stepped out of my house every day and found the manna on the ground, there is no way that I would doubt God and no way that I would grumble. As I lay last night reflecting on all the Lord has done in my life over the past five years, I realized that there was only a handful of things that I could remember. How easy it will be for me to grumble if I do not remember what He has done.

I’m excited to start writing down His promises and different answered prayers and to start sticking them on my wall in the laundry room. I’m excited to remember the former things, so that I will be able to trust Him with the future things.


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