Perseverance and Appreciation

The past three days we had the opportunity to get out of town as a little family of four. We bundled our girls, food and clothes into the car and set off to a new destination. When we arrived after our long car journey, we walked around the little house that would be our home for the next three nights and my daughters ran and leaped on their beds and squealed with delight. One of my first thoughts was how I would Intentionally Rise in the early morning without waking everyone, as both bedrooms connected to the single living area.

After an exhausting day of packing, driving,swimming and playing we had hoped the girls would sleep well and sleep through. (Every parent’s hope!) But the excitement of the day and being out of routine had them both waking at different times, and eventually at two o clock I settled on the couch for my quiet time, seeing that I was awake to give out a milk bottle anyway. My time with the Lord was rushed as I tried to finish quickly in order not to wake anyone else and to have everyone get those last few hours of precious sleep.

The second day was much like the first, filled with playing, swimming and eating. Again as we put the girls to sleep we were both confidant of a good night ahead. (Rookie error!) A little hand waking me up at two had me helping our one daughter use the bathroom and was followed by doing a quick nappy change on the other. Again I used this opportunity to sit and have my quiet time, now that the lights were on and the household would not be disturbed. As I sat praying and reading my Bible a little body came walking out once again and settled next to me on the couch for what she seemed to think was a midnight story time. Again my quiet time was rushed in an effort to put her back into bed.

The third and final night we were even more confident of a good night. This time, completely exhausted from the sun and heat, both girls slept well and it should have been a breeze to wake up early. The problem this night however, was the change in weather seemed to have brought into our little house every flying bug in the vicinity. Thankfully the spot in the roof where they were coming in was in our room and so the girls were not disturbed. But I have never faced such a serious attack from so many little creatures!

After struggling for what seemed like hours we were finally able to divert the bugs into the bathroom by leaving the light on and my husband settled to sleep in peace, but I decided to get up and have my quiet time now that I was awake. I went through to the lounge area, but not wanting to wake the girls I used only the light from my phone to read my Bible and to type my morning devotional. The bugs were not fooled and they followed the glow coming from the lounge and I became a new target as they swarmed all around the light and I was forced to type quickly, read quickly and pray quickly. All of which are not conducive to a good quiet time.

As you can imagine, as we arrived safely home yesterday and as I set about preparing my things for my time with the Lord this morning, it was with such an excitement at the thought of an uninterrupted two hours before my day begins. I lay down to sleep expectant to wake up and meet with Him, excited to pray and excited to learn. My laundry room has become such a special sacred place.

Psalm 42 vs 1-2

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirst for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”

As I lay to sleep last night my soul was thirsting for the time I can spend with Him in the morning. I am so thankful that I can spend these mornings meeting with Him and that He satisfies my thirst.

However I am also so thankful for the reminder over the past few days to remember to pray in all places and all situations. When the bugs are swarming all around us, it is often that we need to persevere and pray all the more.

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