50 Truths to Remember

Day 50 of intentionally rising has arrived. Day 50 of waking up early to spend time with God and to hear His Voice.

Psalm 105 vs 5

“Remember the wonders he has done”

This Psalm has 45 verses of doing exactly that, of remembering what He has done.

As I look back on the past seven weeks my heart echoes what this Psalmist says in verse two:

“Sing to him, sing praise to him;
    tell of all his wonderful acts.”

Although I have learned so much more in the past seven weeks than the fifty posts I have made, these are the fifty things that I will remember. Writing them down has made it possible for me to look back and remember.

Rising Intentionally has given me these fifty new truths to help my walk with the Lord, fifty truths that I may not have known had I not chosen to intentionally spend time with God in the morning.

I often marvel at the Israelite’s failing to trust God after he provides their daily manna for them. How could they forget his faithfulness so quickly?

My challenge today is to read back on all He has taught me, so that I too will remember. May I continue to rise intentionally again tomorrow ready for the next fifty days of deepening my walk with Him.

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