Spacious Place


After a terrible night two nights ago, I felt as though I had arrived at work the following day wading through mud. As fast as I tried to get dressed and get things ready for the day, I felt I was taking two steps forward and three steps back.

Eventually I arrived at work and decided to take a twenty minute walk to try and wake myself up before the working day officially started.

Soon I was away from the buildings and walking around the edge of the airfield. The sun was starting to rise through the clouds and the spectacular display of different shades of red and orange brought a smile to lips.

Once again Psalm 18 came to mind:

Psalm 18 vs 19

“He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.”

It suddenly didn’t matter that my sleep had been interrupted the night before my busy day began. It suddenly didn’t matter that my list of things I needed to accomplish in the day was longer than humanly possible.

Because I had an opportunity to pray. Because I could pour out my doubts and fears, my anxieties and worries, my hopes and my dreams.

With a sunrise like that I could not help but see things in perspective. A mighty God who holds the world in His Hands, who orchestrates spectacular sunrises like that one each day without fail, is the same God who orchestrates the events of my day.

I could well have chosen to rush into my office yesterday and throw my head on my arms on my desk in despair. I could have chosen twenty minutes of brooding and twenty minutes of grumpiness.

But somehow God lead me to a spacious place where He reminded me of his Word. He reminded me of His Plan for me, both for my life and for the busy day that lay ahead. He showed me His Majesty and reminded me of His perfect control in each and every situation. He demonstrated his beauty and allowed me an opportunity to remember what a great and mighty God we serve.




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