Challenge Accepted

One of the courses that we run as a training unit has a very high failure rate. The course is not just difficult intellectually, but it requires a combination of skills that is very difficult to teach. So difficult to teach, that I was under the impression that one either has the ability to pass or they don’t have the ability to pass and no extra time in the classroom would change that.

On Wednesday three out of the six students failed an important phase in the course, and needed retraining on Thursday and retesting on Friday. The students have been with us almost a year and I have gotten to know them all quite well.  I have had the opportunity to involve them on several of the impact on society projects that I run and they are all such wonderful people. As a result I found myself devastated at the thought of some of them having to return to their units having failed the course.

After hours of retraining on Thursday I was pouring my heart out to God in the car on the way home for each of them. Somewhere in the midst of my prayers I think I used the word “impossible”, as I really felt that the one student in particular would be going home at the end of the next day.

Then in my heart I heard the two words loud and clear, “Challenge Accepted.”

I can never remember where those two words were heard initially, but they became a standard joke phrase that I used to use with my brother. I had not heard or used them in ages, but suddenly there they were, whispered deep into my Spirit. Had I really been praying with the belief that what I was asking was too difficult for God?

Matthew 19 vs 26

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

All three of my students passed their reexamination yesterday and I drove home from work filled with praise for the God with whom nothing is impossible.


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