Lead me to the Rock

As we walked on the beach yesterday evening, I was looking at all the families playing together, the couples walking hand in hand and those who seemed to be enjoying the beach content to just be in their own company. As my eyes scanned over the different people, they came to rest on a man who was standing on a large rock that was jutting out in the middle of the sand.

I was quite surprised to see the rock since I have been coming to the same beach regularly for over a year and never noticed it before. Perhaps my attention has been on my husband, my girls, or the beauty of the sand and the sea. Perhaps the tide has been too high or I am just not very observant.

Whatever the reason may be, as my eyes looked at the man who was standing all alone gazing out to sea, I found myself drawn to the rock he was standing on and I was reminded of the scripture in the Psalms:

Psalm 61 vs 2

“Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

I hiked up a mountain in 2010 and this verse was a memory verse that was very meaningful at the time. I always use it as a prayer that I will focus on God and His Will for my life so that I won’t get stuck on my own selfish needs, wants and desires.

By looking at that man yesterday evening my eyes were drawn to the rock. I found myself praying that it would be true of my own Christian walk, that as others look at me they will be drawn to the rock on whom I stand. My prayer is that not only will He lead me to the rock that is higher than I, but that He will show me how to lead others to that same rock, and that I will be a shining light for Him.


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