His Perfect Plan

We are struggling with teaching our three  year old daughter patience. Often if I tell her that something she wants is going to take another five minutes, it won’t even be another five seconds before she is asking impatiently for it once again. The concepts that the food will be too hot if we eat now or the food will still be raw if we eat now are lost on her as she impatiently wants her demands to be met in the timing that seems best to her.

I am sure I do the same to God. My timing and His timing are not the same. He tells me to wait patiently because He knows His plans are far better than mine and yet I am as impatient as a toddler.

Psalm 106 vs 13

“But they soon forgot what he had done and did not wait for his plan to unfold.”  

I love the words: “Plan to unfold.” It sounds like the detective speaking in a mystery novel, and I can just picture the character sitting back and watching everything fall into place.

If I picture God orchestrating His plan in my life, I know that He has a purpose and a reason behind all that He does. I can either picture myself as an impatient toddler trying to drag God off of his chair to try convince him to act when I think best, or I can climb on His lap and reflect back on all He has previously done and trust Him completely with all that lies ahead.



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