A Leading Light

There is nothing more powerful to remind us of the importance of light than darkness. My husband went out the other night and as I settled down to sleep I heard that annoying sound of a mosquito. My husband is my knight in shining armor when it comes to mosquitoes and he usually fights them to the death for me. Since he was not home yet, I switched the light back on, and looked for the little pest. As I saw it next to our light, I swung my pillow wildly to try and squash the little creature. My aim was terrible and I hit the light directly causing it to sway dangerously for several seconds before all the lights in the whole house went out.

I am not sure why putting out my bedroom light caused all the lights in the whole house to go out, but I was able to go to the circuit board and switch the lights back on, with the exception of my bedroom light which needed a new globe.

As I walked through the house in the darkness, I was reminded of the saying that bad company corrupts good character.

Matthew 5 vs 16

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Our words and actions often have a bigger impact on others than we realize. We have a responsibility towards our christian brothers and sisters that the light that we shine will encourage them to shine more brightly and not hinder them from their walk with God. If I had known that my careless aim was going to turn out all the lights I would have been more careful with my weapon selection. May the words I speak today be anything but careless, may my actions be intentional and encouraging to those around me.


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