The Joy Truth Brings

One of the other instructors came into the tearoom yesterday complaining that my students were lying. I was quite surprised to hear that and even asked if ALL of them had lied. 

The answer was yes.

They denied having been taught something and we were able to show them an old paper they had wrote on the subject, and passed.

Though they were punished my heart remained disappointed in their actions. I guess I always look for the good in people and though the world is filled with sin it still catches me by surprise sometimes.

John shares this feeling on truth:

3 John 1 vs 4

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

There is not much difference in lying and in living a lie. We cannot walk in the truth if we are continuing to sin.

My prayer is that as my children and my students grow older, when I hear from them or when I hear of them, that I will hear they are walking in the truth.

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