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Our Door Is Open And The Kettle Is Warm

A week ago during the usual bedtime chaos, my phone beeped with a message from our cell leader to remind us about Bible Study. We volunteered to host the study as it makes it so much easier to have the … Continue reading

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Hand In Hand

As the girls grow older we are starting to leave the prams behind when we go on our afternoon walks. We do not walk very far but my heart is always filled with joy as I get to hold a … Continue reading

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Trust And Obey

We seem to be going through a children’s song explosion at home as our daughters learn more and more at school and at Sunday School. Songs from my childhood are continually sung around the house and I am amazed at … Continue reading

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Read Your Bible Pray Every Day

Although my daughter is only three years old and still struggling to write her name, she came home from school last week singing, “Read your Bible, pray every day and you will grow grow grow.” Once again I am so … Continue reading

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My Time

I remember a particularly difficult winter several years ago. There seemed to be so many difficult things in my life, so many unanswered prayers, so much that my heart was longing for. As I drove down a road in the … Continue reading

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Hide Me In The Shadow

My youngest daughter and I lay on a picnic blanket in the garden enjoying the winter sun. We ate fruit, tickled, wrestled and played the airplane game where I sit her on my legs and lift her high into the … Continue reading

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Better His Way

We sat cutting paper yesterday afternoon. Our older daughter was keeping on the lines, using her one hand in the way she has been taught and so could sit quietly unassisted. Our two year old needed my full attention as … Continue reading

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