One Minute Devotions

We try and keep our girls in the main church service for as long as possible, as do several other parents. But when the squirming and talking becomes louder and louder, and the heads start swinging and the faces start frowning, it is like a mass exodus and all the toddlers seem to arrive in the cry room at once. The stored up energy from being on mom or dad’s lap is unleashed in a room designed for noise. There seems to be balls and toys and children everywhere, with a few moms and dads scattered on the couches trying desperately to hear snatches of a sermon.

Sometimes I feel as though it would be more beneficial to stay at home, and yesterday was no exception. As my daughter climbed all over me I managed to catch one little phrase of the whole sermon. But it was one phrase that made the whole morning worthwhile.

Pastor was speaking on discipline (I think!) and the importance of spending time with God. And the piece I heard was referring to the one minute devotionals that we are tempted to settle for and how lacking they are in what should be a full out pursuit for a intimate relationship with God. That reference to a one minute devotional was all I heard all morning, and therefore it remained with me as my daughter continued to climb and clamber all over me.

She had spent the whole day with me the day before, the whole morning with me leading up to church, the whole worship service on my hip as I sang, and now in a room filled with toys she still chose me as her jungle room.

I couldn’t help but compare her desperate attempts to spend more and more time with  me as her mom, to the sometimes halfhearted five minute devotionals that I have with God.

Mark 1 vs 35

“And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed. ” 

As I searched for verses on time spent with God I was encouraged as I read this verse in Mark. Encouraged to see how Jesus rose early in the morning to find time on His own to go and pray.

My prayer for this coming week is that I will have the same desire to spend time with my Heavenly Father as my daughter’s desire to spend with me.

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