Reverence For God

Even though we only have two little girls, dinner time at our house is chaotic. The banging of furniture starts the meal as the girls try drag their plastic table to the center of the kitchen. (It is easier for my husband and I to sit on the little plastic chairs with our knees next to our ears than it is for the girls to try and reach the dining room table in the room next door.)

Even prayer time is chaotic as they both try and compete with who is going to say their prayer first. Our youngest daughter is the strong willed child, our oldest is gentle and compliant and as a result it is usually the youngest who starts praying by shouting out her simple prayer that she has been taught at school. My husband and I often look at one another in despair, not wanting to curb her enthusiasm but at the same time wanting her to understand the reverence of prayer.

But as my oldest daughter starts the gentle (and lengthy) prayer that she says at school, it is the most beautiful thing to witness my youngest daughter close her eyes and bow her little head. It is so difficult to know how much she understands, and judging by the way she sings her own prayer she does not really grasp the words she is saying. But as she listens to her older sister pray, her little head is bowed in the reverence God deserves.

1 Samuel 12 vs 24

“Only fear the LORD and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.”

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