My Time

I remember a particularly difficult winter several years ago. There seemed to be so many difficult things in my life, so many unanswered prayers, so much that my heart was longing for.

As I drove down a road in the city, the trees were bare from leaves, and the lack of color seemed to match my mood. In my heart I felt the gentle comforting whisper that just as spring would bring the green leaves to the trees, so the season that I was in would soon be over.

A few weeks later I drove down the same road and was surprised by the bright green new leaves on the trees, and before long the difficult times were behind me and I could see the Lord at work answering prayers and granting me the desires of my heart as I delighted myself in Him.

I lay on a blanket in the garden the other day, and as I looked up at the sky through a big oak tree, I was amazed by the falling brown leaves that seemed to dance their way down to the ground. I realized that another season was nearing it’s end and I was reminded by those green leaves several years ago, encouraged that this oak tree would soon bare new leaves.

I am so thankful for this walk with the Lord. I am thankful that it is always moving, always changing. I am thankful that He is leading me forward, leading me through different seasons. I am thankful that He knows the plans that He has for me, and that those plans are perfect.

Psalm 31 vs 15

“My times are in Your hand.”

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