Are You Happy With Me

Over the past few weeks our girls have started a terrible habit whenever they are being reprimanded. They look into our eyes and say, “Are you happy with me mommy?” or “Are you happy with me daddy?”

It is so difficult to keep a straight face as we look into their eyes, and so difficult to try and explain the difference between loving them unconditionally whilst simultaneously being upset over their actions.

As I walked past their bedroom yesterday, my husband was in the process of disciplining our youngest daughter for something she had done. I smiled in relief to hear her asking the “Are you happy with me?” question to him instead of to me.

And then I heard his answer:

“My darling I love you and you could do a thousand naughty things and that would not ever stop me from loving you.”

I smiled as I imagined myself asking the same question to God the Father, and the thought that His answer would be exactly the same.

Psalm 136 vs 26

“Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.”

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