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God Is For Us

Romans 8 vs 31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?” I used to struggle with this verse in Scripture. For the longest time when I read it I would almost skim over the first five words … Continue reading

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Surrounded By Love

We had the most wonderful weekend away as a little family. The pubic holiday on Friday gave us an extra day to be together and we set off on our adventure to a little farm in the mountains that we … Continue reading

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Why Get Up Early

With winter fast approaching, getting up early is becoming more and more difficult. My little room now has a heater that is waiting to get switched on in the morning. I sit ¬†and rub my hands together as I wait … Continue reading

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A Leading Light

There is nothing more powerful to remind us of the importance of light than darkness. My husband went out the other night and as I settled down to sleep I heard that annoying sound of a mosquito. My husband is … Continue reading

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Reflecting His Beauty

As I read through a testimony yesterday from one of the famous God fearing ladies of our time, I was so surprised to read about all that had happened to her. I had not known her story, and by reading … Continue reading

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Lead me to the Rock

As we walked on the beach yesterday evening, I was looking at all the families playing together, the couples walking hand in hand and those who seemed to be enjoying the beach content to just be in their own company. … Continue reading

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He Has Risen

I did a study on joy several years ago, reading through the Bible and highlighting each verse where joy was mentioned. The one outcome I remember from the study, was that joy comes from being in God’s presence. Psalm 16 … Continue reading

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