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Intentional Writing

The last few weeks seem to have been a bit of a blur that when I finally logged in to check when I last wrote I couldn’t quite believe that it had been over a month. The stats showed me … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Joy?

As I read through Galatians this morning I was struck by the verse in which Paul asks the Galatians the question about their joy. “What has happened to all your joy?” Whilst his letter to them is referring to the … Continue reading

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Back To Back

I love the way that we can tell stories to our girls and see their eyes light up. I love how they are so trusting and secure in our love. When my eldest daughter was still taking naps, I liked … Continue reading

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Hand In Hand

As the girls grow older we are starting to leave the prams behind when we go on our afternoon walks. We do not walk very far but my heart is always filled with joy as I get to hold a … Continue reading

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A Mom Day

Yesterday involved  a trip to the doctor after a terrible night with a sick baby girl. It was such a special day for me to be at home with my baby girl instead of at work.  From the doctor to … Continue reading

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One Minute Devotions

We try and keep our girls in the main church service for as long as possible, as do several other parents. But when the squirming and talking becomes louder and louder, and the heads start swinging and the faces start … Continue reading

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Pure Joy

As we walked through the botanical gardens yesterday, we witnessed all the dew glinting in the sunlight. The little water droplets were all over the ground and even though it was cold it was the most beautiful morning. Dew always … Continue reading

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